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  • BridgeHolder

    Products July 2020: Bridge clamp


    A bass bridge’s large size and numerous edges and corners can make working on one an uncomfortable business. This tool is designed to hold the bridge in place, reducing pressure on the maker’s hands and freeing them up for tasks such as fitting the bridge feet. According ...

  • BamCase

    Products July 2020: BAM violin case


    A range of matching bags and instrument cases that aims to offer a unified look to image-conscious players

  • PortableCase

    Products June 2020: Violin case


    By housing the bow in a separate case, German manufacturer Masuratini’s violin cases are designed to offer players a better chance of flying with their instrument as cabin baggage. The handmade ABS-shell cases (without bow) measure from 63 x 25 x 13cm and are available in a ...

  • StudentFiddles

    Products June 2020: Student violin


    Yamaha’s YVN Model 3 student violin outfit is now available in 1/2 and 3/4 sizes. With a ‘press-formed’ spruce top that uses less wood than some traditional factory-made violins, the instrument is designed to offer some of the tonal warmth of a carved instrument with additional durability ...

  • DigitalMapping

    Products June 2020: Digital mapping system


    Bridging the gap between acoustic instruments and digital sound design

  • Assortment
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    Shoulder Rests: The Ideal Fit


    Freelance violists Edmund Riddle and Kathi Von Colson join The Strad ’s editor Charlotte Smith and contributing editor Pauline Harding to test a range of shoulder rests – and discover enormous differences in weight, balance and comfort

  • 5
    Premium ❘ Article

    Nature’s Way: Picture Story


    Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin founder Andrew Baker describes the process of hand making his products, which can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual players

  • IMG_2521
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    Unvarnished Instruments: Team Building


    For luthiers, finely sourced white instruments may well be the perfect accessory – offering the double opportunity for varnishing practice and to sell less expensive models to students and those with shallower pockets. But, writes Peter Somerford, the issues of provenance and labelling are of utmost importance when marketing such ...

  • PolycordeBow

    Products May 2020: Polycorde bow


    A shape-shifting bow designed to change what a violin can do

  • Endpin

    Products May 2020: Durod cello endpin


    South Korean maker Durod claim their carbon-fibre cello endpins improve the response time of the instrument and help players create a focused, rich and clear sound. They are available in lengths of 520mm and 600mm, with the option to include a hollow or solid brass core. ...

  • HeifetzStrings

    Products May 2020: Meisel Jascha Heifetz violin strings


    Described by the maker as an ‘exact copy’ of those used by Jascha Heifetz himself, these violin strings have been licensed by the Heifetz estate. The set comprises a Goldbrokat E string, uncovered gut A and D strings, and a gut G string wound in sterling silver. ...

  • PR Versatus copy

    New Product: April 2020


    UP, UP AND AWAY At just 65cm long – 15cm shorter than Musafia’s standard models – this violin case is among the smallest on the market and has been designed with air travel in mind. It features the maker’s standard 6-ply wood-laminate shell and waterproof Codura outer layer, and ...

  • Featured product

    Featured product: April 2020


    Poldauer shoulder rest 

  • Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 16.18.47

    New Products: March 2020


    Dolfinos chin and shoulder rest system; Yamaha SLB300SK Silent Bass; Bam Supreme polycarbonate violin case

  • Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 17.53.52

    New Products: February 2020


    PSET pneumatic positioners; Da Capo music theory game; Kun colour collapsoble shoulder rest

  • Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 17.56.57

    New Products: January 2020


    Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin double bass rosin; Optima Gut Klang violin strings set; International Violoin flexible LED strip

  • Cello gard foldable

    New Products: December 2019


    Stradpet titanium tailpiece; Cello Gard foldable cello stand; Musafia case caddy 

  • Carbon-Klang

    New Products: November 2019


    Carbon-Klang ‘Elena’ hybrid violin; D’Addario Kaplan; Schilbach parallel micro-clamp

  • Tailpiece11
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    Ask the Experts: choosing a new violin tailpiece


    A violinist asks what he should consider when choosing a new tailpiece – from the material used to the weight and shape

  • Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 17.28.52

    New Products: October 2019


    Ready for boarding An instrument with a detachable neck to make air travel easier Readers of The Strad will be no strangers to the perennial risks associated with flying with stringed instruments. Barely a week goes by without another story of a passenger denied boarding ...