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  • Schilbach Kevlar tailgut

    Firmly fastened: the Schilbach Kevlar tailgut


    Using military-grade materials to improve set-up stability Kevlar is familiar to most people as a material used inside bulletproof vests. According to German manufacturer Schilbach, however, this strength also makes Kevlar a useful component in the tailgut that fastens an instrument’s tailpiece to the button at the ...

  • Pinky Hold

    Pinky promise: the Pinky Hold bowing aid


    By helping to anchor a student’s little finger in place on the heel of their bow, the Pinky Hold is designed to avoid stiffness and encourage the development of muscle memory. Made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone and available in a range of colours, it weighs 3g and ...

  • Lee Valley

    A cut above: Lee Valley stainless steel pocket plane


    To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Canadian woodworking firm Lee Valley has produced a limited-edition version of its pocket plane in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and with a nickel-plated lever cap. The plane measures approximately 115mm by 30mm and weighs 285g; its blade measures 22mm across and is ...

  • Warchal Timbre violin strings

    Core values: Warchal Timbre violin strings


    A new answer to an old problem – and novel packaging too Developing a string with the warmth of gut, the stability of synthetics and the projection of steel has long preoccupied engineers faced with the complex demands of 21st-century musicians. As Warchal founder Bohdan Warchal ...

  • Cellobrett

    Firmly grounded: the Cellobrett endpin anchor


    The Cellobrett has been designed to offer the security of a cord-fixed endpin stopper with the flexibility of one adhered to the ground. According to the manufacturer, the polyoxymethylene plastic body neither squeaks nor ‘rings’, will not slip against any floor surface and is suitable for straight ...

  • Jameasy

    Stay Tuned: the Jameasy bluetooth practice device


    Clipped to the scroll of the violin, the Jameasy device monitors intonation and rhythm and displays its findings via a smartphone or tablet connected with Bluetooth. Hundreds of pieces at numerous levels are available from the Jameasy music library, with detailed visual feedback given for accuracy of ...

  • lotsofFiddles-2-1400x708

    Hot off the press: A violin to download and print out


    In 2014 David Perry created the F-F-Fiddle, an electric violin for which anyone (in theory) could download the ‘parts’ and ‘print’ them out on their 3D printer. Building on subsequent technological advances, Perry has now designed the Modular Fiddle, a 3D-printed acoustic violin with parts – or ...

  • clipboard_image

    Do different rosin brands actually perform differently? We put 7 to the test


    The Strad’s editor Charlotte Smith and contributing editor Pauline Harding put seven rosins to the test and discover a world of difference between brand and type

  • Primavera Shaped Violin Case

    Primavera: Lightweight entry-level violin case


    This lightweight, entry-level case for violin or viola features a Styrofoam shell designed to provide thermal insulation and protection against damage from accidental impacts. The case, available in a shaped model weighing 1.05kg and an oblong version weighing 1.61kg, includes a full-length music pocket, a stitched handle, ...

  • iphone_ app

    The Tonara teaching and practice app


    Using artificial intelligence to help make practice more useful and rewarding

  • clipboard_image

    Pickup or microphone? Choosing what's right for your bowed string instrument


    With such a variety of electronic pickups, microphones and now hybrid systems on the market, finding the perfect amplification solution isn’t always easy. Kimon Daltas considers the options

  • GVIDO_CMYK_350dpi

    Gvido digital music score device


    The dual electronic screens of the Gvido digital music score device replicate the appearance of traditional sheet music and allow users to ‘turn’ pages at the touch of a button and annotate parts using a special magnetic pen. Weighing 660g and 6mm thick, it can store ...

  • Coruss

    Coruss synthetic bow hair


    According to the manufacturer, Coruss synthetic bow hair matches natural horsehair in blind tests for tone and articulation. Compared with natural alternatives it offers greater durability and resistance to very humid or dry conditions, doesn’t degrade when stored for long periods of time, and uses no animal ...

  • Anima Nova and Tools in open instrument - copyright by Schauppel PR

    Heart and soul: Anima Nova adjustable carbon fibre soundpost


    An adjustable, carbon-fibre alternative designed to offer enhanced control to the luthier and superior sound to the player

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    Ask the experts: choosing, changing and caring for your strings


    String makers receive all kinds of questions from players about their products. Chloe Cutts explores their responses to the most common queries

  • clipboard_image

    Titanium: the perfect material for instrument fittings?


    Tough and light, titanium is thought to be the leading material for stringed instrument adjusters and fixtures, but does the metal have acoustic benefits too? Peter Somerford investigates

  • Max baillie traviolin 1

    Professional string players reveal their favourite accessory


    We asked six string musicians to name the one most treasured addition to their kit – though for some it was doing without something which made the difference

  • Photo discovery 20111206

    Luthiers' favourite gadgets from ancient plant matter to the latest tech


    We asked some top makers and restorers to share their favourite labour-saving devices, and got a fascinatingly broad range of responses

  • Zoran marković (credit zoran marković) crop

    Can these new tailpiece designs raise the tonal game of your instrument?


    Until recently, the importance of an instrument’s tailpiece was barely realised. Vicky Sharpe talks to some of the craftsmen who have been experimenting with different materials and designs to help maximise an instrument’s sound quality

  • Arcus index pic

    Making a carbon fibre bow in 10 steps – photo story


    Founded in 1999, Arcus has developed a reputation for making lightweight, durable bows from non-traditional materials. Company director Bernd Müsing explains how a composite bow is made, from initial design to first hair fitting