A glove to improve left-hand technique at all levels


It was the versatile fingers of his former classmate Shlomo Mintz, and the full hands of Itzhak Perlman, that inspired former professional orchestral violinist Peter Kaman’s new invention: the VioGlove. This fingerless, spandex, Velcro-secured accessory wraps tightly around the left hand in order, says the American violin enthusiast, to improve strength and stability for all string players. Its padded-out microfibre palm, he claims, encourages separation between the hand and the instrument neck, prevents players from clamping down on the fingerboard and helps to keep the fingers tension-free. He has also added extra material between the fingers to keep them apart and encourage greater freedom, and has slightly extended the material at the base of the index finger, to provide a low-friction aide to help players to shift.

This invention has inevitably caused some controversy in the string world: playing accurately, with full control of one’s sound and intonation, might be more difficult rather than less with hand-altering padding in the way. Kaman is not blind to the questions that the VioGlove raises, but he is adamant that the glove is beneficial and its material too thin to be obtrusive. He encourages violinists, violists and cellists of all levels to test it in the practice room and concert hall alike, and remains passionately convinced that his creation is worth a try by anyone with an open, inquisitive mind.

Peter Kaman VioGlove sizes XS–XXL

(palm circumference 16.5cm–22.4cm) $29.95

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