After the discovery of Ysaÿe’s seventh Sonata featured in Philippe Graffin’s 2020 documentary Ysaye’s Secret Solo Sonata, this new documentary Ysaÿe’s Secret Concerto/L’œuvre retrouvée follows the violinist as he reveals the story behind another ’secret’ work from the great Belgian master violinist and composer, his Poéme Concertant.

The film takes a voyage through time in Brussels, with musicologists Xavier Falques and Marie Cornaz.

Philippe Graffin would like to express his thanks to, the Royal Library of Belgium, KBR, the Liége Royal Conservatory Library, the Musée du Petit Palais in Geneva, the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Brussel, Erika Vega, Nicolas Bruant, Bruno Maes, Jan Roszkowski, Natalia Kotarba, Cyrille Champagne, Edith Cnockaert, Çağıl Cansu Şanlıdağ, Inja Stanović, Jean-Jacques Kantorow and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.