Cellist Johannes Moser presents a video performance of Somewhere There Is Somewhere Else by American composer and Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Reid. The work features on Moser’s new album Alone Together, one of the first full-length classical albums to feature extensive multitracking.

The album is conceived to fully immerse listeners in a multi-dimensional, spatial sound world that takes full advantage of the audio possibilities of DOLBY ATMOS’s revolutionary technology.

’The spatial aspect of the music was just as much a part of the programming as the artistic and musical vision of this repertoire, which represents a strong aspect of who I am and what the pandemic has also forced me to be - a need to be a multifaceted musician creating musical environments just using my cello’ commented Moser.

Featuring six new commissions for electric cello, alongside multi-layered octophonic arrangements of pieces for cello ensemble, the album creates the impression of sound moving around the listener in three dimensions. Somewhere There Is Something Else relies on the sound created by Moser’s cello, transforming and looping it through a uniquely programmed patch.

Alone Together is available now on Platoon.