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  • Global Violin Sessions

    Global Violin Sessions Part 1: Final Concert


    This is the culmination of the first part of the Benedetti Foundation’s Global Violin Sessions, in which one tune is sent around the world and embellished according to the traditions of different countries. The tune, written by the trumpeter, composer and educator, Wynton Marsalis, has been on the first part ...

  • RobyLakatos

    Sentimental Work: Roby Lakatos


    ‘The devil’s fiddler’ explains why Monti’s Csárdás has been a mainstay of his repertoire since the earliest days – and why it still brings out the creativity in him and his collaborators

  • Roby Lakatos and Fiona Pears

    Cinema Paradiso with Roby Lakatos and Fiona Pears


    The violinists Roby Lakatos and Fiona Pears with The MÁV Symphony Orchestra. Recorded on mobile phones; 12,000 miles apart during the Covid19 lockdown.