David Perry plays a traditional construction violin alongside the 3D printed Hovalin and two of his new Modular Fiddles.

Perry first came to The Strad’s attention a few years ago when he developed the F-F-Fiddle, the first 3D printed electric violin that anyone could download and print (anyone with access to a 3D printer, that is).

He is now back a new design for an acoustic violin: ‘While there have been many 3D printed violins since the F-F-Fiddle, I’ve got a new one that’s truly disruptive,’ he tells The Strad.

‘Previously, all 3D printed acoustic violins either required assembly similar to that of a traditional instrument (gluing, blocking, etc) or they’ve had poor sound. Last week I published the Modular Fiddle. It’s 3D printed, takes about an hour to build up into a violin, and once it’s built, any part can be replaced in about ten minutes. In addition, it sounds pretty good!’

‘Take it camping, spill beer on it, and don’t worry about the varnish. Every part of the 3D printed Modular Fiddle is easily replaceable,’ Perry explains.

More details at http://openfabpdx.com/modular-fiddle/