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    New technology turns violins into digital music creators


    Inventors Alessandro Baticci and Rafal Zalech have begun a Kickstarter campaign to launch the product

  • 3d printed violin

    A modular 3D printed violin which actually sounds... ok


    David Perry plays a traditional construction violin alongside the 3D printed Hovalin and two of his new Modular Fiddles. Perry first came to The Strad’s attention a few years ago when he developed the F-F-Fiddle, the first 3D printed electric violin that anyone could download and print (anyone with ...

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    The Tonara teaching and practice app


    Using artificial intelligence to help make practice more useful and rewarding

  • GVIDO_CMYK_350dpi

    Gvido digital music score device


    The dual electronic screens of the Gvido digital music score device replicate the appearance of traditional sheet music and allow users to ‘turn’ pages at the touch of a button and annotate parts using a special magnetic pen. Weighing 660g and 6mm thick, it can store ...

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    Will orchestras be paperless in the future?


    Could a symphony orchestra ditch its entire sheet music library in favour of digital scores and tablet computers? The Brussels Philharmonic is setting out to do just that, as David Kettle reports