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  • TwoSet Violin present the 12 levels of violin playing

    TwoSetViolin: The Twelve Levels of Violin Playing


    The musical double act abandon their usual hijinx in favour of something more serious for newbie violinists: a whistle-stop tour of what their violin-playing career could look like (with a bit of practice).

  • TwoSet Violin bo rehair

    TwoSet Violin learn how bows are rehaired


    Brett and Eddy visit the Violin Studio in Brisbane, Australia, where luthier Olaf Grawert shoes them what goes in to reharing a bow  

  • Sol Gabetta

    5 singing string players


    We profile some of the multi-talented string players who manage to sing while playing their instrument

  • Two set thumbnail

    TwoSet Violin: 21 Types of Orchestral Players


    Brett and Eddy are back with a their unique take on life as a professional violinist. TwoSet Violin is currently on a crowdfunded world tour, with the next stops in Oslo, Warsaw, and Vienna. Click here for more info .