Violist Misha Galaganov recommends exercises from August Wilhelmj and James Brown’s out-of-print A Modern School for Violin,  to accompany his Technique  article in the October 2021 issue


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August Wilhelmj was a famous German violinist and virtuoso, a child prodigy, who studied with Ferdinand David and then came to England at the end of the 19th century. He and his colleague James Brown wrote a wonderful series of six books called A Modern School for the Violin, each divided into part A and part B. The A books provide basic technical exercises and advice; the B books provide more musical context. They contain some great exercises for developing the trill. To practise last-moment finger lifts and drops, and the development of trill speed and control, I particularly recommend:

Book 1b, exercise nos.9, 21, 33

Wilhelmj, Book 1b, IX- finger training and trill practice-1 crop

Book 1b, exercise no.9 - finger training and trill practice

Wilhelmj, Book 1b, XXI - mordent and grace notes practice, trill preparation-1

Exercise 21 - mordent and grace notes practice, trill preparation

Wilhelmj, Book 1b, XXXIII - trill practice-1

Exercise 33 - trill practice

Book 2a, exercise no.18

Wilhelmj, Book 2a, XVIII preparatory trill exercises-1 crop

Book 2a, exercise no.18 - preparatory trill exercises


Book 2b, exercise nos.19, 22, 26

Wilhelmj, Book 2b, XIX, short trill, mordent training-1 crop

Book 2b, exercise no.19 - short trill, mordent training


Wilhelmj, Book 2b, XXII trill endings, turns, mordents-1

Exercise no.22 - trill endings, turns, mordents

Wilhelmj, Book 2b, XXVI, trill-1

Exercise 26 - trills

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