Principal bassist of the Philadelphia Orchestra Joseph Conyers speaks about his multifaceted career

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JOSEPH CONYERS The US double bassist has several strings to his bow, from podcasting to running his own mentoring programme, as he explains to David Kettle

SPHINX ORGANIZATION Over the past three decades, the American social justice group has helped numerous young string talents realise their potential. Bruce Hodges reports

COPYING A MONTAGNANA CELLO Robin Aitchison reports from the annual Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop, where more than 30 luthiers collaborated to build a copy of the c.1730 ‘Farina’

SESSION REPORT Stephen Upshaw, violist with the Solem Quartet, talks to Harry White about Painted Light, its latest recording of music from the 20th and 21st centuries

KRONOS QUARTET AT 50 The contemporary music group is celebrating half a century of music making. The current members tell Thomas May about their raft of anniversary projects

GERMAN BOW MAKERS IN AMERICA The 19th and early 20th centuries saw an influx of bow making talent into the US. Raphael Gold discovers how they helped archeterie find a foothold stateside

In our regular sections:

IN FOCUS A violin by US luthier Charles Albert

TRADE SECRETS Double bass maker Nick Lloyd on how to establish a consistent neck heel

MY SPACE Chicago luthier Michael Darnton

MAKING MATTERS Chris Sandvoss talks about the process of finding the right size for a viola

MASTERCLASS Johannes Fleischmann gives his thoughts on the Brahms Scherzo in C minor

TECHNIQUE Cellist Alexander Baillie on exploring sound options with the bow

LIFE LESSONS With Matthew McDonald, principal bass of the Berlin Philharmonic

OPINION Supporting string students through breaks in the teaching year

POSTCARD FROM COLORADO A report from the state’s summer classical music festival

FROM THE ARCHIVE From November 1923

SENTIMENTAL WORK Aleksey Igudesman on his love for Schumann’s Piano Quartet op.47

Plus, in your November 2023 digital edition:

  • Extra photos of our November cover star Joseph Conyers, including shots from the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Sphinx Performance Academy and his Opportunity Music Project
  • Read about the Solem Quartet’s latest album Painted Light, while listening to audio clips and scrolling through a gallery of images
  • More images from the exhibition ‘Il Mistero de Stradivari’, which took place at the State Library of Cremona in September
  • Extra shots from the 2023 Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop, showing how the assembled luthiers collaborated on a copy of c.1730 Montagnana cello
  • Photography from the past 50 years of the Kronos Quartet, including photos of the players with Terry Riley and Sun Ra
  • My Space: more from the Chicago workshop of luthier Michael Darnton
  • And clips from ‘The Strad Recommends’ recordings

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