Violist Jiří Kabát has taken over from Radim Sedmidubský, who joined in 2016 from fellow Czech ensemble the Škampa Quartet

Pavel Haas Quartet

The Pavel Hass Quartet, with (l-r) Veronika Jarůšková, Marek Zwiebel, Jiří Kabát and Peter Jarůšek

©Marco Borggreve

The Pavel Haas Quartet will be debuting its new line-up, featuring the violinist Jiří Kabát, in a concert at La Frabrika in Praque on 4 May.

Kabát has been the violist of the Vlach Quartet for eight seasons, a professor at the Conservatory of Pardubice and an award winning composer.

He replaces Radim Sedmidubský, who was with the Pavel Haas for under two years, having joined in 2016 after 20 years with the Škampa Quartet, which he co-founded in 1989.

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