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  • Pavel Haas Quartet

    Pavel Haas Quartet welcomes new violist


    Violist Jiří Kabát has taken over from Radim Sedmidubský, who joined in 2016 from fellow Czech ensemble the Škampa Quartet

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    The Pavel Haas Quartet plays Pavel Hass Quartet no.2


    In this video, the Pavel Haas Quartet plays the final movement of Pavel Haas’s String Quartet No 2, ‘From the Monkey Mountains’. The movement, titled ‘Wild Night’, is in the original version with added percussion, which Haas removed after it proved too adventurous for the audience at its premiere in ...

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    The Strad August 2017 issue is out now


    German cellist Jan Vogler discusses cross-arts collaboration and his new project with Hollywood actor Bill Murray