This illustration of a violin by Nicolas Lupot was published in The Strad, February, 1971. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

This month we are able to publish photographs of a very handsome violin which is the sole work of Nicolas Lupot and bears the original label as follows:

Nicolas Lupot, Luthier rue Croix des petits-Champs, Á  Paris, l'an

The instrument, which is in an excellent state of preservation, has a jointed back, cut on the slab, of handsome curl of medium width, which slopes downwards from the centre, that of the sides similar and of the head less pronounced; the table of pine in one piece is of a fine grain on the right-hand side which broadens considerably on the left: the varnish of that beautiful soft quality, reddish orange in colour which Lupot reserved for his finest instruments. The button is in its original condition without an added edging of ebony.

The principal measurements are: Length of back 14 1/8; upper bouts 6 5/8 full; centre bouts 4 1/2; lower bouts 8 3/16 full; ribs 1 3/16 to 1 7/32. It is an exact copy of a violin by Stradivari of 1729. The block of wood from which Lupot cut the scroll was  too narrow to enable him to make it exactly the same measurements as that on the Stradivari and so he glued on a piece which on the finished scroll is so narrow as to be almost invisible. This is an indication of the care taken by Lupot to reproduce exactly the measurements of the violin he was copying.