This illustration of a 1702 violin by Antonio Stradivari was published in The Strad, April 1926. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs:

This is a Strad of the Golden Period, dated 1702. It was bought by Emile Sauret from Rudolph Gleichauff of Frankfurt a/Main, in the year 1885. Emile Sauret used this Strad for 36 years.

It is in an excellent state of preservation and is one of the few Strads that are free from any repair under the bridge. The varnish, which is a beautiful amber, is in perfect preservation, having a soft, murly appearance of depth.

The total length of the instrument is 13 7/8 inches. The scroll, with its swift curves of grace, is truly an object of delight, and the peg box has evidently never been ‘cheeked’. The back is one piece, and is perfect, of course.

Acoustically the instrument is flawless, the carrying sweetness of notes played pianissimo being phenomenal.