This illustration of a viola by Hieronymus Amati II was published in The Strad, November 1978. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

A superb example of the work of Hieronymus Amati, son of Nicolo, this instrument's label is dated Cremona 1705. According to William E Hill's descripition, 'The back, in two pieces, is of handsome wood marked by a small curl; that of the sides and head is less pronounced. The table of pine of well-defined and rather open grain, the varnish of a golden-brown colour. The instrument is a handsome and well-preserved example of the maker's work.'

The full measurements are as follows;

Body length 17 1/4 inches

Overall length 28 1/2 inches

Width of ribs 1 3/4 inches

Width at upper bouts 8 1/4 inches

Width at lower bouts 10 1/8 inches

String length 15 1/4 inches

Besides the repair of two minor cracks the varnish has been restored by Max Friersz of Philadelphia. he has also fitted a violin bridge and replaced the sound-post. This was carried out to balance the difference between the size of the viola and its rather small sound-holes which are also fairly close together. Previously the tone was muffled especially on the lower strings. It now has a rich bright tone.