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  • Borodin Quartet 2

    5 views on chamber playing by Borodin Quartet legend Rostislav Dubinsky


    The Borodin's founding first violinist, who played with the quartet for 30 years from 1945, was interviewed in The Strad shortly before his death in 1997

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    15-strong double bass ensemble plays Joe Hisaishi medley


    A double bass ensemble from the School of Music at Korea’s National University of Arts performs a medley of Studio Ghibli film themes by Joe Hisaishi, in an arrangement by Yang Joon Suk.

  • reger-linos

    Reger: Violin Concerto op.101 (arr. Rudolf Kolisch)


    THE STRAD RECOMMENDS The Strad Issue: October 2016 Description: Reger’s knotty concerto clarified for Schoenberg’s chamber music society Musicians: Winfried Rademacher (violin) Linos Ensemble Composer: Max Reger Catalogue number: CAPRICCO C 5137 Max ...

  • euyo-11

    European Union Youth Orchestra secures short-term funding


    European Commission announces €600,000 lifeline for the 2016–17 season

  • 6StradCellos1

    An ensemble of 6 Stradivarius cellos


    Six outstanding cellists perform six Stradivari cellos together at Brompton's Auctioneers' Simply Strad event, held at the Royal Academy of Music, London in October 2013. The performance features: Robert Max - 'Saveuse' 1726 Stéphane Tétreault - 'Countess of Stanlein' 1707 Julian Lloyd Webber - 'Barjansky' 1690 Christian ...

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    Osmo Vänskä resigns as Minnesota Orchestra's music director


    Osmo Vänskä has resigned from the Minnesota Orchestra, bringing to an end his ten-year role as music director. In a statement, the 60-year-old conductor (pictured) said it was ‘a very sad day’ for him personally, although he had originally warned of his intentions in a letter to the management on ...


    Australian Chamber Orchestra debuts digital installation


    A new music installation has been launched in Australia, designed to give listeners a concert experience without any musicians present. Devised by the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO), the project consists of 13 screens, each featuring an ensemble member in performance, surrounding the audience. The sound of each individual musician comes ...

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    New London festival combines improvised music with art, theatre, dance and film


    Cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson (pictured), viola player Max Baillie and all-string group the 12 Ensemble are among the performers at a new ten-day festival in east London next month. The ‘i = u Festival’ will bring together music with dance, art, theatre and film as it explores improvisation ...