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  • LeonBosch

    The Strad Masterclass: Leon Bosch on Dragonetti's 'Famous Solo' for double bass


    To say that repeated material always has to be played differently to make it interesting is a flawed interpretation of how we work as human beings' - double bassist Leon Bosch speaks about performing 'The Famous Solo' by Dragonetti to The Strad. The second movement of the piece is performed ...

  • Dragonetti

    A potted history of Dragonetti – the ‘Paganini of the double bass'


    He was Europe's first – and the world's finest – virtuoso double bassist, who was admired by Beethoven and granted favour by Napoleon. But the story of Domenico Dragonetti is shrouded in intrigue: who was the man they called ‘Il Drago'?

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    Domenico Dragonetti

    Domenico Dragonetti was Europe's first - and possibly the world's finest - virtuoso double bassist. Born in Venice, the son of a poor barber, he received violin instruction from a local shoemaker, who later persuaded him to take up the double bass. The young Dragonetti demonstrated prodigious ...

  • karr

    Dragonetti Double Bass Concerto – first movement


    On 23 April 1846 Domenico Dragonetti was buried at the Roman Catholic chapel of St Mary, Moorfields, London. Here's the first movement of his Double Bass Concerto ('revised' by Eduard Nanny), with US bassist Gary Karr as soloist. This video allows listeners to follow the solo part ...