Violinist, former student at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden


How did you go about choosing a course?
I come from Stockholm and studied with Henryk Kowalski before, so it felt like a natural choice to study with him at the Royal College.

What are your most striking memories of studying at the institution?
I have two memories in particular. In the first few weeks, we did a project with the Edsberg Chamber Orchestra and pianist Ralf Gothoni. As a first-year student it really opened my eyes to a string orchestra’s potential. In 2009 the Royal College organised a conductor’s workshop with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. I was given the opportunity to be the soloist and perform the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.

Were there any inspirational tutors?
My violin teacher Henryk Kowalski always taught me to strive for excellence, both technically and expressively. Being at the college also gave me a strong interest in contemporary music and I was involved in many collaborations with composers.

What was the atmosphere like?
Part of the college is situated at Edsberg Castle, one of the most beautiful areas of Stockholm with a great view over the lake. There are only around 25 students studying there which gives it a very intimate and warm atmosphere.

How did it prepare you for professional life?
Studying gave me the chance to meet other musicians. I met most of my regular chamber music partners during my time at college. It also taught me that you need to use a lot of your own initiative to succeed in the music business. For example, every year the school has a big chamber music festival which is organised entirely by the students, from the marketing and making of posters to deciding on programmes and choosing the postconcert pub.

What advice would you give to prospective students hoping to study there? Or on choosing a music course in general?
The most important thing is to find a teacher you trust and respect. For me, it was essential to be in a creative environment, with other students to look up to, interesting chamber music teachers to broaden my horizons, in a city with a rich cultural life.