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  • Finckel_Vibrato

    Cellist David Finckel on vibrato


    Cellist David Finckel introduces the subject of vibrato as part of a series of video demonstrations on cello technique. Vibrato, he says, 'connects the listener to the player's innermost feelings about the music. It should be something that reinforces the music, not something that is painted on top ...

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    Sentimental work: David Finckel on Myaskovsky’s Cello Concerto


    The Myaskovsky Cello Concerto remains a private pleasure for the US cellist, whose memories of Rostropovich remain an inspiration half a century later

  • David and Wuhan cr Lisa-Marie Mazzucco bw

    The Strad Podcast Episode #53: David Finckel and Wu Han on creating inspiration


    ‘It’s not only making music together, but also contributing your life to the common good of society’

  • HSF TRio

    Live-streamed concert review: Han–Setzer–Finckel Trio


    Leah Hollingsworth hears the performance from the Shalin Liu Performance Center, as part of the 2021 Rockport Chamber Music Festival 

  • Arensky

    Arensky: Quartet for violin, viola, and two cellos


    Recorded live in Alice Tully Hall, this performance took place as part of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center on 3 May this year. It features the first movement of Anton Arensky’s Quartet No. 2 in A minor for Violin, Viola, and Two Cellos, Op. 35. ...

  • FinckelQtMasterclass1

    Masterclass with David Finckel: Brahms Piano Quartet no.1 in G minor


    There has to be enough definition to these four-note phrases for the audience to make sense of the music' Cellist David Finckel leads the Zelda Quartet in a masterclass at The Juilliard School's Paul Hall. The quartet play the Allegro non troppo from Johannes Brahms' Piano Quartet ...

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    Cellist David Finckel on the importance of using more bow


    Cellist David Finckel provides scientific proof that if you use more bow, you'll make more sound. Read: David Finckel's 10 habits of successful musicians Read: Never ignore a niggling pain, says cellist David Finckel

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    The Juilliard School teams with to broadcast live masterclasses


    The three sessions this month feature cellist David Finckel, and conductors Harry Bicket and Fabio Luisi

  • FinckelStaccato1

    Cellist David Finckel on effective articulation


    We need articulation to excite the strings and give our playing clarity' Cellist David Finckel talks about 'bow clicks', enabling each bow stroke to start with a 'pop'. Read The Strad's 6 ways to improve your staccato. Read David Finckel's 10 habits of successful musicians. Subscribe to ...

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    Cellist David Finckel on producing a wider vibrato


    The wider your fingertips, the easier it is to produce a wide vibrato' Cellist David Finckel demonstrates how to produce a wider, richer vibrato. Watch Finckel's video demonstration on smooth bow changes and read his 10 habits of successful musicians. Subscribe to The Strad or download our ...

  • David_Finckel_Pain

    Never ignore a niggling pain, says cellist David Finckel


    The former Emerson Quartet cellist on how a growing back problem led to two weeks on a friend's sofa

  • FinckelBowChange

    Cellist David Finckel on smooth bow changes


    'Dorothy DeLay said, 'I never saw a bow change that I couldn't hear'. And she's right.' Cellist David Finckel talks about how to achieve smooth and fluid bow changes. Read The Strad's 6 tips for smooth bow changes and David Finckel's 10 habits of successful ...

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    10 habits of successful musicians


    American cellist David Finckel embarks on a series of seminars – entitled Being a Musician – at Stony Brook University, New York on 3 February. Here, he identifies the important habits of those musicians who have built and maintained successful careers

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    Cellists Natasha Brofsky and David Finckel to join Juilliard faculty


    The Juilliard School has recruited cellists David Finckel and Natasha Brofsky. They will join the school's cello faculty and chamber music faculty this autumn. Finckel, who studied at Juilliard, recently announced that he will retire from the Emerson Quartet at the end of the 2012/13 season. Brofsky is ...

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    Paul Watkins to replace David Finckel as Emerson Quartet cellist


    The Emerson Quartet has announced that cellist David Finckel will leave the ensemble at the end of the 2012–13 season. His replacement will be the British cellist and conductor Paul Watkins. The personnel change is the quartet's first since 1979, when Finckel replaced original cellist Eric Wilson three years after ...

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    Cellist David Finckel to co-direct new Korea festival


    Cellist David Finckel and pianist Wu Han will direct a new festival in South Korea this December. Chamber Music Today will feature performances by the Emerson Quartet, the Jupiter Quartet, and a trio comprising Finckel, Han and violinist Philip Setzer. The venue for the festival's three main concerts is the ...