3d-printed violin hybrid

ViolinoDigitale's 3D-printed violin hybrid is based on the 'Sunrise' Stradivari violin of 1677.

It was printed in more than 40 parts using wood filament with a Reprap FDM 3D printer. The parts were then assembled using traditional lutherie techniques by Harris Matzaridis. The printing and assembly of the instrument was completed over a nine-month period.

The black decorations were carved as on a traditional instrument, while the pegs, tailpiece, ebony fingerboard, soundpost, bridge and endpin were made from real wood.

The varnish was made from a two component synthetic epoxy resin materials. Matzaridis is currently developing a varnish for specific use on 3D-printed parts, which will act 'more like natural varnish and less like harsh plastic'.

The instrument is played by Korina Papadodima in the video above.