Icelandic violin maker Hans Johannsson gives a talk exploring ‘a fascinating juxtaposition of an age-old traditional craft on the one hand and the pursuit of science and technology on the other’, filmed at a TEDx event at the Tjarnarbíó theatre in Reykjavik on 4 November 2018.

The listing for the talk states: ‘The development of electric bowed string instruments through digital signal analysis sheds light on the knowledge that has hitherto been solely characterised by tacit intuitive methods, with the aim of expanding classical instrument making.

‘Hans Johannsson has made classical stringed instruments since the late seventies. Since gaining a diploma of distinction at the Newark School of Violin Making in the UK in 1980, and receiving a masters diploma from the Icelandic Arts Council in 1982, he has made instruments for professional musicians in many countries. He has lectured on violin acoustics in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, taken part in design exhibitions, produced and participated in television documentaries on violin making and a BBC radio programme documenting the use of technology in traditional violin making.

‘He has participated in the violin acoustics research team at Oberlin, Ohio, and takes part in the group of instrument makers and scientists that meet for lectures and discussions at Cambridge University Engineering department.’