Against a backdrop projecting impressive scenes of nature, French cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca performs the titular work from his album Wonderful World, a collection of works highlighting the theme of environmental awareness and activism.

‘It’s easy for musicians to surrender and say there’s nothing they can do beyond small personal changes like avoiding single-use plastic,’ La Marca says. ‘But we have the power to communicate big ideas on a personal level because what we do is all about emotions. Music relies on honesty and integrity and, unlike politics, doesn’t tell people what to do or how they should react. I want to create an opening for people to reflect on the beauty of their surroundings.’

Wonderful World was released on Naïve on 22 October 2021. As well as La Marca on cello, the recording features pianist Nathanaël Gouin and musicians from Orchestre de Paris. The piece was arranged by Stéphane Gassot and La Marca, while the video was directed by Ybao Benedetti.