Australian composer Chris Perren wrote Escapement for a his friend and violinist Flora Wong. She is joined by Jodie Rottle on metronome.

The rather unusual instrumentation of violin and metronome is explained by the composer: ’The entrancing power of a simple steady pulse is to me one of music’s great mysteries. While the metronome is considered by most a tool rather than an instrument, in sonifying the otherwise silently abstract bars and beats, it cannot help but become a player in the music.

Escapement embraces the metronome’s inevitable musical intervention by elevating its position from tool to instrument. The violin dances and weaves in and around the metronome, exploring various relationships with its steady beat. At times, the violin simply takes advantage of its freedom from supplying the rhythmic frame; at others it conspires to create a competing pulse, pushing the metronome reluctantly into the musical spotlight as it emerges into its own counter-rhythm against the beat.

Flora Wong is a Brisbane/Meanjin violinist, educator, researcher and producer who is drawn to contemporary, exploratory, cross- disciplinary and community arts. She performs on a 7/8 violin by Helge Grawert.

Escapement  features on Wong’s debut EP Geburtstag, available on Corella Recordings from 10 June.