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    7 tips on adjustments to get the best out of your instrument


    The finest Stradivari in the world will sound poor if it is badly set up. Here are some points to consider sourced from our archive 

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    Making Matters: The height of perfection


    Double bass repairers know the value of raising the saddle to help the instrument’s sound open up – but how much do you raise it by? Felix Habel reveals the formula that can give an exact measurement every time

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    Can these new tailpiece designs raise the tonal game of your instrument?


    Until recently, the importance of an instrument’s tailpiece was barely realised. Vicky Sharpe talks to some of the craftsmen who have been experimenting with different materials and designs to help maximise an instrument’s sound quality

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    Shostakovich cello tailpiece explosion


    During a rehearsal with the Kislovodsk Philharmonic Orchestra, cellist Alexander Buzlov's energetic rendition of Shostakovich's First Concerto is too much for his tailpiece, which flies off. Buzlov continues the rehearsal with a borrowed instrument some time later.Watch: A violin bow hair disasterWatch: Violist Yuri Bashmet in tailpiece ...

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    Violist Yuri Bashmet in tailpiece disaster


    Violist Yuri Bashmet reacts with admirable calm and humour when his tailpiece detaches itself from his instrument mid-performance. Watch: Violinist Christian Tetzlaff and pianist Lars Vogt in page-turning disaster Watch: A bow hair catastrophe