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Most string players will get to a point in their career where their faithful instrument has served them to the best of its ability, and the time has come for the player to think about upgrading to a fine instrument. It can be very exciting, the prospect of finding the best instrument, but also daunting – we don’t have to mention how expensive fine instruments go for, which understandably means that many options are out of reach for students or young emerging artists.

Violinist Peter Herresthal spoke with online editor and cellist Davina Shum about making the transition from a student instrument to a fine instrument, having worked for Dextra Musica and now serving as artistic director of the Anders Sveaas Trust – both of which have a collection of fine instruments that are loaned to up-and-coming artists. He speaks about his experience acquiring his Guadagnini, other violins he’s met along the way, as well as the different options and strategies young artists can take when looking for a fine instrument - both old and modern.

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III: Rounds

Violin Concerto op.23

Thomas Adès

Peter Herresthal, violin / Norwegian Radio Orchestra / Andrew Manze


Photo courtesy Mats Bäcker

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