The violinist demonstrates ricochet technique in a series of videos


Tomás Cotik

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The following is an extract from The Strad’s January 2021 issue Technique article in which #violinist Tomás Cotik talks about perfecting the ricochet bow stroke. To read in full, click here to subscribe and login. The January 2021 digital magazine and print edition are on sale now.

‘The importance of the natural bouncing of the bow stick can also be gleaned from the following exercise’ says Tomas Cotik. ‘Drop the bow and try to keep the bow bouncing in tiny motions. It should sound like extended teeth chattering. Keep the contact point constant on the string. After the initial jumps, keep pulling the bow super slowly and the stick will keep bouncing in micro-steps for a long while. Try also doing this with only the index finger, ring finger, and thumb on the stick. This exercise serves as a reminder that in the end, the bow is going to do the work. Only think of keeping the bow on the string in order for it to bounce. Simply guide it, and allow the bow stroke to happen.’

See the video below for a demonstration of Tomás Cotik’s Exercise 1 (as described above):


Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tárrega, arranged for Violin - Tomas Cotik, Violin

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