Take a look at these stunning images of the British Suzuki Music Association’s recent gala event from 9 April

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On 9 April 2023, more than 1,300 young musicians from around 24 countries assembled at the Royal Albert Hall for the Gala Concert of the British Suzuki Music Association (BSMA).

‘We were delighted and grateful to be able to bring everybody together for 2023,’ said BSMA trustee Paola De Carolis, ‘We were due to hold one in April 2020 but Covid happened and the event was cancelled.’

The performers are all students of the Suzuki Method and had memorised the entire programme, including a bespoke arrangement of Greensleeves for the occasion by composer Timothy Murray.

Helen Brunner Suzuki Violin Teacher 2023 photo credit Michael Becket

Helen Brunner © Michael Becket

The Suzuki Method was brought to the UK by pioneering teacher Helen Brunner in the 1970s, having enrolled her children in classes in the US.

’The miracle of thousands of children playing together from all over Europe - from Iceland to Vietnam, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, is astonishing,’ she told The Strad. ’I always look forward to concerts like this. It demonstrates Suzuki philosophy in action so beautifully. I never get over the joy of listening to the music of our universal Suzuki repertoire.’

Were you at the gala event? What was it like? How did it sound? If you’d like to share your thoughts, comment below or email thestrad@thestrad.com

All photos: Bill Hiskett

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