When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, and artists across the country found themselves suddenly looking at an empty work diary, many took on other jobs, from delivery driving to brick-laying, to make ends meet. A sizeable number of classical musicians searched for a new outlet for their artistic talents: they started to draw, sketch and paint. Whilst some had previously produced the odd work as a way of winding down in between concerts, many had not held a paint brush since childhood. Visual art became their refuge and, in many cases, an unexpected new career path.

Gradually, more and more artworks made their way onto social media and also onto the news feed of ChamberMusicBox Artistic Director Julia Morneweg. Impressed by the incredible talent and resourcefulness of her colleagues, Morneweg felt that these works deserved more than ‘likes’ on Facebook and Instagram – they deserved their own dedicated exhibition, set alongside the artists’ most powerful inspiration: music. She reached out to renowned gallery owner, curator and arts consultant Alan Kluckow, who, from their very first conversation, shared Julia’s enthusiasm for the idea and together they are set to present it to the public. The Fermata Festival, featuring artworks by more than 40 classical musicians during lockdown, set alongside four live concerts from artists including the Misha Mullov-Abbado Group and Raphael Wallfisch, runs at St Cuthbert’s Earl’s Court, from 25-27 June. For more information visit https://chambermusicbox.com/fermata-festival/