A moving rendition of the Ukrainian National Anthem brings fellow soldiers to their feet

A widely tweeted video shows a soldier performing the Ukrainian National Anthem to army members in a shelter. As the soldier, who has not been named, continues to play, his colleagues stand to attention.

Ukrainian musicians have been joining the frontline to fight in the war, as Ukraine’s martial law states that men aged between 18 and 60 must remain in the country to be available for military service. Recently, Ukrainian musicians in the Seoul Pops Orchestra returned to Ukraine from South Korea to serve their country.

Performing the Ukrainian National Anthem has come to symbolise solidarity with Ukrainians who have been suffering during the Russian invasion since 24 February. Many concerts are beginning their performances with the piece, while works by Ukrainian composers are also being played as a symbol of solidarity and hope with Ukrainian civilians.

Recently, footage of a Ukrainian violinist performing in a bomb shelter made headlines, while another sheltering violinist Illia Bondarenko was joined by 94 violinists from around the world in a video performance of the Ukrainian folk song Verbovaya Doschechka.