The Modigliani Quartet discusses directing festivals, the challenges of performing schubert and the benefits of collaboration

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MODIGLIANI QUARTET: Charlotte Gardner speaks to the four players about their diverse interests, from running festivals to collaborating with a myriad of other musicians

CHARLES FRANÇOIS GAND: Although the French luthier’s output was small, his instruments have undoubted beauty. Florent Boyer presents an in-depth examination of his work

NIKOLAJ SZEPS-ZNAIDER: Having made his name as a violinist, the Danish virtuoso has spent more than a decade perfecting his conducting skills. Andrew Mellor discusses his latest role

SESSION REPORT: In her new recording of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, Patricia Kopatchinskaja takes the role of narrator as well as violinist. Toby Deller finds out more

EVOLUTION OF THE BOW: How did bows develop their signature internal curves? Paolo Sarri shows how it was a combination of necessity, mechanics and basic simplicity for makers

CHEVALIER DE SAINT-GEORGES: The violinist, conductor, army officer and champion fencer took 18th-century France by storm. Kevin MacDonald delves into his rollicking history

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In the issue’s Masterclass Simon Standage presents a guide to the first two movements of Bach’s Violin Sonata in E major BWV1016; in Technique violist Nils Mönkemeyer gives tips on producing melodic string-crossings; American cello teacher Nancy Green shares her personal memories in Life Lessons; plus in Sentimental Work cellist Camille Thomas discusses Fazil Say’s concerto ‘Never Give Up’.  

We inspect a 1675 Antonio Casini violin in In Focus; in Trade Secrets Nicolas Gilles shows how to make a simple device for grinding pigments; My Space looks behind the scenes in the workshop of Angers-based luthier Marcus Klimke; and in Making Matters Ulf Kloo explains how to adjust the back thickness on an instrument that’s already been set up.

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