The €10,000 award will be presented at a ceremony on 1 December

Incendio Trio

Left to right: violinist Filip Zaykov, pianist Karolina Františová and cellist Vilém Petras. Photo: courtesy Incendio Trio

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The Incendio Trio has won the 2023 Hans Gál Prize, awarded by the Mainz Academy of Sciences and Literature and the Villa Musica Rheinland foundation. The prize is worth €10,000. In its citation, the Academy said the trio’s sound was characterised by ‘stylistic clarity, spirit and the highest level of sensitivity.

Founded in 2016, the Incendio Trio is made up violinist Filip Zaykov, cellist Vilém Petras and pianist Karolina Františová. The trio will receive the award at a ceremony on 1 December, where they will perform a concert including a piece by the composer Hans Gál. Previous winners include the Esmé Quartet, the Sōra Trio and the Javus Quartet.

The jury also said that the trio’s interpretations ‘bear witness to the greatest responsibility to the composer’s text and spirit, combined with fascinating artistic interpretation and the rare ability to detect what is “hidden between the lines”. This is how performances of the highest density and atmosphere succeed.’

The Hans Gál Prize is named for the Austrian composer, musicologist and teacher (1890–1987) who was director of the Mainz Conservatoire from 1929 to 1933. Because of his Hungarian–Jewish descent, he was put on leave after the Nazis seized power and emigrated to the UK in 1938. In 1945 he became a British citizen and taught at Edinburgh University until 1955.

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