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  • MozartMasterclass1

    Ana Chumachenco gives Mozart violin cadenza masterclass


    Play with virtuosity but with a cool head...' Kronberg Academy violin professor Ana Chumachenco gives a masterclass on the cadenza of Mozart's Third Violin Concerto. The full 120-minute video is available to buy as a download or DVD through the Masterclass Media Foundation. Watch: Maxim Vengerov ...

  • wolfgangemmanuelschmidt

    The Strad Masterclass: cellist Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt on Schumann's Adagio and Allegro


    Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, professor of cello at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar, performs Schumann's Adagio and Allegro op. 70 with pianist Keiko Tamura. The cellist continues The Strad’s new marked-up sheet music series in association with Henle Verlag with Schumann's Adagio and Allegro – giving bowings, ...

  • IsaacStern1

    Violinist Isaac Stern gives Bach masterclass


    Vibrato is like a human voice - we never speak without a degree of natural vibration. But if you use just one type of vibrato in your playing, it is the same as speaking in a monotone voice' Isaac Stern gives a clear and detailed masterclass ...

  • SilverthorneLSOMasterclass1

    Paul Silverthorne gives LSO viola masterclass on Stamitz and Bach


    There are so many different opinions on how Bach should be played. You can't please everybody, so it's important to play in the style you really believe in' Paul Silverthorne from the London Symphony Orchestra gives a viola masterclass on Stamitz and Bach. Watch: Sydney Symphony masterclass – ...

  • BreathingImai1

    Nobuko Imai gives viola masterclass


    Watch your breathing as you play - breathe out as you begin your first phrase' Amsterdam Conservatory viola professor Nobuko Imai gives a masterclass at the University of Valencia. Read: The viola should sound like a human voice, says Nobuko Imai

  • PodgerMasterclass1

    Violinist Rachel Podger gives Baroque bowing masterclass


    Imagine your hand is like seaweed in the water, always flowing...' British Baroque violinist Rachel Podger gives a bowing masterclass as part of the York Baroque Strings Project for students at the National Centre for Early Music in 2014. Podger speaks about the singular challenges of Biber’s Rosary ...

  • LSOCelloWilliamTell1

    London Symphony cello masterclass on Rossini and Brahms


    William Tell does usually start a concert, and it's a really scary moment for any principal cello as you start completely alone' Rebecca Gilliver from the London Symphony Orchestra gives a cello masterclass on Rossini's William Tell Overture opening and the second movement of Brahms's Second Symphony. Watch: ...

  • KashKash1

    Kim Kashkashian gives Walton Viola Concerto masterclass


    The phrase is three big steps towards the public...' American violist Kim Kashkashian gives a masterclass on Walton's Viola Concerto at the Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore. Read: Kim Kashkashian - ‘The emotional landscape of Hindemith’s music is a joy to enter’

  • Repin_Masterclass1

    Violinist Vadim Repin gives masterclass on Saint-Saëns


    You are not sure of yourself - so you pull away with your right hand, just in case you miss it' Vadim Repin gives a masterclass on Saint-Saëns's Introduction et rondo capriccioso, featuring American Fine Arts Festival student Timothy Chooi. Read: 6 pieces of advice ...

  • Yo_Yo_Lesson1

    Cellist Yo-Yo Ma gives Prokofiev masterclass


    Can you make that sound like machine gun fire? Almost ugly - and play closer to the bridge' Yo-Yo Ma gives a lesson on Prokofiev's March from The Love for Three Oranges, arranged for four cellos. Read: 9 opinions on performance and career by cellist Yo-Yo Ma

  • HoffmanMasterclass1

    Gary Hoffman gives Chopin Cello Sonata masterclass


    It's possible play with a variety of ups and downs in the line, and to connect your musical ideas' Gary Hoffman gives a masterclass on Chopin's Cello Sonata at the Curtis Institute of Music. Read 6 practice and interpretation tips by cellist Gary Hoffman . ...

  • RayChanStaccato1

    Violinist Ray Chen gives up bow staccato masterclass


    Violinist Ray Chen shares his technique for mastering up bow staccato - making use of tremolo. Read The Strad's 6 ways to improve your staccato. Watch Ray Chen performing Ysaÿe’s Solo Sonata no.6 at the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition in Belgium in 2009 – which he later ...

  • VengerovSibelius1

    Maxim Vengerov gives Sibelius Violin Concerto masterclass


    Remember you are accompanying here - otherwise everyone will hear these exercises! It's very important not to take attention away from the theme.' Maxim Vengerov gives a masterclass on Sibelius's Violin Concerto and speaks about the importance of emphasising the theme - even when the soloist is required ...

  • PeterCropperMasterclass1

    Violinist Peter Cropper gives a string quartet masterclass on Brahms


    They perceive the music of Brahms very well, but in my view they don't pass on the emotions that I think Brahms felt at the time...' Lindsay String Quartet founding violinist Peter Cropper , who died at the age of 69 in May 2015, gave a masterclass on ...

  • Kuschnir_Masterclass1

    Violinist Boris Kuschnir gives Mozart masterclass


    I need to hear the head, body and legs of each note...' Celebrated violin professor Boris Kuschnir gives a masterclass on Mozart's Fourth Violin Concerto at the Verbier Festival. The full 48-minute video is available to buy as a download or DVD through the Masterclass Media ...

  • Vengerov_Bach_Columns1

    Violinist Maxim Vengerov on Bach's musical architecture


    Bach's harmonies are like columns in a gigantic cathedral. Only when you come nearer, do you see the detail.' Violinist Maxim Vengerov gives a masterclass on Bach’s Solo Violin Sonata no.1, paying particular attention to the harmonic architecture. The full 48-minute video is available to buy as a ...

  • MidsummerAudition1

    Orchestral audition masterclass on Midsummer Night's Dream at Royal College of Music


    The stroke is a little too cushioned. It needs to be a little shorter and crisper' Morgensterns in partnership with the Musicians’ Union present a string audition masterclass on Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream at The Royal College of Music in London. On the panel are Pieter Schoeman, London ...

  • Vengerov_Birds1

    Violinist Maxim Vengerov on taking time to explore the fingerboard


    And now I can imitate birds...but not sick birds!' Maxim Vengerov gives a masterclass on Ravel's Tzigane, including advice on taking time to explore the whole fingerboard, and a humorous impression of birds as represented in the work. The full 50-minute video is available to buy as a ...

  • VengerovMozart1

    Maxim Vengerov on playing the violin like Mozart


    Violinist Maxim Vengerov gives a masterclass on Mozart’s Third Violin Concerto at the Royal Academy of Music, London - including a humorous impression of Mozart's violin playing. The full 48-minute video is available to buy as a download or DVD through the Masterclass Media Foundation. Watch ...

  • VengerovBritten1

    Violinist Maxim Vengerov on blending your sound with other instruments


    You have to forget sometimes that you play the violin. Use it to express the sound of the music and to integrate with the orchestra' Violinist Maxim Vengerov gives a masterclass on Britten’s Violin Concerto at the Royal Academy of Music, London. The full 50-minute video is available ...