Argentinian cellist Sol Gabetta on how developing an individual technique helped her to find her voice

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August 2016 issue

The Strad’s August 2016 issue is on sale now, in which Argentinian cellist Sol Gabetta talks to Chloe Cutts about lessons with Geringas, her new Berlin Phil recording, and finding another main instrument after twelve years.

Elsewhere in the issue, Alessandra Barabaschi examines the Antonio Stradivari 'Baron Rothschild, Gore-Booth' cello of 1710, a great example of the master's B form, and talks to its owner, Rocco Filippini; Edward Klorman examines how quartet playing has been viewed in centuries past; and Nancy Pellegrini delves into US violinist Isaac Stern's groundbreaking 1979 trip to China, captured in an award-winning documentary.

In our regular sections: Masterclass features Christine Hoock, who marks up the sheet music for the first movement of Vanhal's Double Bass Concerto in D major; In Focus gives a close-up view of a 1933 violin by Fernando Ferroni; Hungarian bow maker Bernd Etzler shares his method for making a bow button in Trade Secrets; Cromonese luthier Vladimiro Cubanziinvites us into his workshop in My Space; violin and viola teacher Rictor Noren speaks about the martelé bow stroke in Technique; US violinist-violist Yura Lee takes us through her Practice Diary; three luthiers with experience of creating five-string cellos give their thoughts to an interested reader in Ask the Experts; and US cellist Robert deMaine talks about Hindemith's Solo Cello Sonata in Sentimental Work.

We also bring you news of the latest competitions, products and auctions, and comprehensive reviews of concerts, CDs and books.

In the August 2016 issue