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    New type of wood material might pose fresh possibilities for string players


    The material could be a competitor to steel or titanium alloys

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    Did the Cremonese have access to wood with unique special qualities?


    Were the old Cremonese luthiers really using better woods than those available to other makers in Europe? In this article from 2013, Terry Borman and Berend Stoel presented a study of density that suggested otherwise

  • Ground prep

    Making matters: ground prep


    Since time immemorial, makers have searched for the perfect varnish recipe, and take great care of the ground – but often fail to realise the importance of preparing the wood first. Christopher Jacoby gives a crash course in ‘ground prep’

  • Upton

    Upton Bass: Laminated or Solid Double Bass Ribs?


    ’When you get inside an old old instrument, you’ve got grafted pieces of wood, you’ve got linen cloth… it’s essentially bad plywood’.  Gary Upton of Upton Bass in Mystic, Connecticut, explains the benefits of plywood ribs on a double bass.

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    A violin made of balsa wood


    Douglas Martin, a US kayak designer and instrument maker who likes to experiment with unorthodox materials such as graphite fibres, performs his violin made of balsa wood. Watch: Violin made from 16,000 matchsticks is performed in concert