When you think of the Passacaglia by Händel/Halvorsen, you think of a duo instrumentation, right? Perhaps violin and viola, viola and cello, or violin and cello? The individual virtuosic parts are more than enough to keep you busy.

Multi-talented musicians Malin Broman and Rick Stotijn go several steps further in this arrangement by Marijn van Prooijen that sees Broman perform on violin, viola, harpsichord and cello, with Stotijn performing on double bass, bassoon, beat-boxing and vocals!

Broman has clocked countless views with her previous videos, such as the finale from Mendelssohn’s Octet (where she played all eight parts - yes, including that scary second cello part!) and A Room of One’s Own by Britta Byström. Dividing the eight parts among only two musicians understandably took time:

’We spent a very long Monday in Berwaldhallen recording and filming all the parts. I must say that we learnt a lot since the Mendelssohn recording two years ago - although the Passacaglia changes tempi quite frequently so that was the biggest challenge this time around,’ Broman told The Strad.

Commenting on the unexpected inclusion of beat-boxing in this arrangement, Broman said, ’Rick has many talents and beat-boxing is one of them. Possibly our musical integrity took a little hit, but we had so much fun building this Passacaglia together with Marijn and we really hope that we can spread a bit of that joy. The way the world is turning I feel we need it!’

So, how do the players capture that energy of playing with others in the room, when all the parts are recorded separately? ’We pretend. I had a companion this time, and despite making these videos I LIVE for playing with others.

’Rick is one of my closest musical companions and when I got to play cello with him I was in heaven! But with regards to the looks across- the spot is empty but in my head I know who has the interesting line, so I’m searching for musical contact.’

Music producer: Martin Igelström

Sound technician: Ulf Östling

Photographer & editor: Ellen Nordin & Jonna Spiik

Lightning technician: Elias Bredefeldt

Make up artist and stylist: Saara Nisonen Öman

Piano tuner: Mario Holmström

Song text: John Milton and Petra van Doorn.

Rick Stotijn will feature on the October 2022 issue of The Strad

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