Watch violinist Noah Bendix-Balgley and pianist Ohad Ben-Ari perform Romance op.23 by Amy Beach.

Amy Beach was an American composer who lived from 1867 - 1944 and was renowned for being one of the first US composers to rise to prominence without European training. As well as a composer, she was a prolific pianist, debuting at Boston Music Hall at the age of 16.

Romance was premiered in 1893 with the composer at the piano and violinist Maud Powell - an active voice in encouraging women and girls to play the violin, despite the professional barriers facing them at the time. The premiere enjoyed such success that the audience ‘cheered to the echo’ and demanded the work was performed again straightaway. Powell wrote in a letter to Beach later that year, reminiscing fondly of their performance of the piece, ’The pleasure of playing together made a most delightful episode in my Summer’s experience. I trust it soon may be repeated’

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