The quintet Sybarite5 present a performance of Con un nudo en la gargantaby composer Pedro Giraudo.

’Con un nudo en la garganta,’ translates in English to ’With a lump in the throat’. According to Giraudo, it was written during a time when he was dealing with an enormous loss.

Giraudo is a Latin Grammy Award winning composer. He originally composed the work for big band and has especially arranged the work by Sybarite5.

’The piece tries to convey both the intimacy of the personal struggle or to simply free certain feelings, and the need of those feelings to be expressed,’ says the composer.

The work features on Sybarite5’s upcoming album Collective Wisdom, which features improvisations, electronics, world-premiere commissions from Curtis Stewart, Jessica Meyer, Jackson Greenberg, and Pulitzer finalist Michael Gilbertson, as well as arrangements of works by the Punch Brothers and Armenian folk songs by Komitas.

Collective Wisdom will be released on the Bright Shiny Things label on 20 October 2023,