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Ten years ago, The Strad launched the first in a series of monthly articles from stringed instrument makers, inviting readers into their workshops to share the tricks of their trade.

Since then, the Trade Secrets section has spawned two anthologies comprising 82 articles on all kinds of methods and parts of the making process.

Now, The Best of Trade Secrets 3 brings together another 35 intricate procedures, from ways to save time during repairs to making useful devices and tools. Almost every part of the lutherie profession is represented in this 120-page volume.

Form and structure:

1 Form and structure

Necks, scrolls and fingerboards:

2 Necks scrolls fingerboards

Edgework and purfling:

3 Edgework purfling

Varnish and antiquing:

4 Varnish


6 Set up


5 Bows

Tools and repair:

7 Tools repair

With John Dilworth, Joseph Curtin, Francis Kuttner, Jan Š pidlen and Guy Rabut among the authors, this is another indispensable volume for every violin maker’s bookshelf.

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