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The Kronos Quartet are no strangers to musical activism, using their creative collaborative powers to speak out against injustices of the world, shine a light on forgotten voices and spread the message of peace and hope through their music-making.

Founding violinist David Harrington speaks about the work Mỹ Lai by Jonathan Berger, a work inspired by the previously unspoken story of American soldier Hugh Thompson who saved numerous civilian lives during the 1968 massacre in Vietnam. In light of recent global events, David speaks about the power musicians hold and must harness to share critical messages, as well as how nearly 50 years of the Kronos Quartet have shaped his life.


Mỹ Lai Lullaby

Mỹ Lai – Music by Jonathan Berger and Libretto by Harriet Scott Chessman

Kronos Quartet / Vân-ÁnhVõ / Rinde Eckert

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Photo courtesy of Kronos Performing Arts Association

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