Explore our podcast back catalogue with our ten most popular episodes from the last twelve months

Check out our top ten Strad podcasts from the last twelve months - perfect for some holiday listening! You’ll find each guest in conversation with online editor Davina Shum on topics including fine instruments, aspects of string playing, basic lutherie topics, uncovering string repertoire, and more. You can explore our ever-expanding back catalogue of over 100 episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or at thestrad.com/podcast. Happy listening!

The Strad Podcast #81: TwoSet Violin’s Brett Yang on the ‘Empress Caterina’ Stradivari

What did Brett learn from playing this fine instrument, loaned to him by Tarisio in November 2022? Find out in our exclusive chat!

The Strad Podcast #71: David Garrett on Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violins

David speaks about his latest violin acquisition, as well as his newly formed ‘del Gesù’ Club

The Strad Podcast #83: making the transition from student to fine instruments with Peter Herresthal

The violinist gives his advice and tips to players wanting to upgrade their instrument

The Strad Podcast #76: Violist Nick Revel on practising scales

Nick speaks about the role of scales in his playing past and present, as well as his scale practice tool DragonScales

The Strad Podcast #79: Iris Zhulla on bow repair and restoration

Iris shares her philosophy behind repairing bows, as well as some simple tips for keeping one’s bow in good health

The Strad Podcast #80: Malin Broman on multi-instrumentalism

Malin shares how her violin skills transfer to viola and cello, and vice versa

The Strad Podcast #68: Aubrey K Alexander on bridge carving

In an unexpected twist, we uncover the parallels between bridges and puppies

The Strad Podcast #82: Violinist Tessa Lark on The Stradgrass Sessions

Tessa speaks about how social gatherings and collaborations are integral constituents of folk music

The Strad Podcast #70: Gwendolyn Masin on three unknown violin pieces you should know

Discover neglected works by Vítězslava Kaprálová, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Lazare Saminsky

The Strad Podcast #75: Patricia Kopatchinskaja on Brahms, Bartók and Janáček

The violinist speaks about doing justice to the composers’ wishes, as well as keeping the repertoire fresh and spontaneous

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Best of Technique

In The Best of Technique you’ll discover the top playing tips of the world’s leading string players and teachers. It’s packed full of exercises for students, plus examples from the standard repertoire to show you how to integrate the technique into your playing.


The Strad’s Masterclass series brings together the finest string players with some of the greatest string works ever written. Always one of our most popular sections, Masterclass has been an invaluable aid to aspiring soloists, chamber musicians and string teachers since the 1990s.


American collector David L. Fulton amassed one of the 20th century’s finest collections of stringed instruments. This year’s calendar pays tribute to some of these priceless treasures, including Yehudi Menuhin’s celebrated ‘Lord Wilton’ Guarneri, the Carlo Bergonzi once played by Fritz Kreisler, and four instruments by Antonio Stradivari.