As musicians embark on travels once again, Gwyneth Tyler examines some simple ways to prioritise your health when on the move


Musicians, contrary to belief, do not always have the easiest time when they’re on tour. There’s a massive amount of travelling involved, which usually results in a huge lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits. 

Although everyone is grateful that musicians and bands can tour again, they need to do everything they can to keep their mental and physical health in check. If you’re planning your next tour and are looking for ways to keep you and your team healthy and happy, this article will discuss three ways you can take care of your mental and physical wellbeing throughout your tour. 

Opt for healthy food over fast food

When touring, lots of your time will be spent on motorways where you don’t have the chance to stop and cook a healthy meal. Because of the time constraints, it can be really difficult for musicians to make healthy choices. Picture this: you’re at a service station late in the evening, and you have the choice between a hot, filling burger and a cold, dissatisfying salad. The choice is easy. 

But if you’re touring for more than a couple of weeks, these unhealthy choices can make it more difficult to look after your mental and physical health. While it’s not always the easiest option, looking for healthy alternatives can help you to both look and feel better on tour. One easy way you can do this is by skipping fast-food restaurants at service stations.


© Brett Jordan

Steer clear of the booze

One of the biggest things that can harm your health when touring is alcohol, but it can be so tempting to have a drink after each performance. If you’re touring smaller venues and bars, you may even be offered drinks after your sets, which can make you feel pressured to drink even more. 

But drinking alcohol on a nightly basis can do a lot of damage to your physical and mental health. Not only can it give you horrible hangovers, but it can cause you to put on weight and lower your mood. Where possible, try and say no to the alcohol, or at least steer clear from calorific beers and wines.


Get regular exercise

As previously mentioned, touring can be incredibly busy and tiring, and there isn’t much (or any) opportunity to hit the gym or go for a hike. When you’re spending hours a day travelling, most of your time will be spent sitting down, and it can be really difficult to get some fresh air and exercise. But it’s hugely important to get regular exercise when you can, even if you have to get creative about how you’re exercising

Where possible, try and go for a walk instead of driving. For example, if you have the time, walk around the city that you’re touring in. Not only can getting out in the fresh air help to boost your physical fitness, but it can also do wonders for your mental wellbeing, meaning you can enjoy your tour to its full potential.