US cellist Megan Yip shares memories from the Thy Chamber Music Festival in Denmark

Megan Yip - PC Amelia Merriman

Photo: Amelia Merriman

One particular thing about the Thy Chamber Music Festival is how honest and sincere everyone is. We’re all there to make music, enjoy each other’s company and connect. The volunteers do a fantastic job. I really can’t say enough about how helpful, warm and kind they are. I heard about the festival from a friend of mine who couldn’t stop talking about it. She told me that it was an amazing place, with a tight-knit and wholesome group of people, so I auditioned and took part in the festival’s 2021 edition. It’s a very small group with only about 15 musicians, not including the wonderful faculty who we also get to play with.

The location is gorgeous and it’s so small that you feel like you’re in a home; nothing is sterile. Our concerts are all around Denmark, with audiences coming to support us from all over. We also play in school concerts and perform folk tunes and music by Danish composers. It can get quite busy, especially in the second week with all the concerts, but time is always set aside for us to hang out with each other, especially over some coffee and cake! It’s quite a short festival, so we want to savour as much as we can.

As simple as it sounds, my favourite part of the festival was just playing with others. Everyone has something different to offer, not just musically, but also in terms of personality and interests. We come from different parts of the world and to see how others see music is really enriching. The faculty members are also so open and happy for you to play for them. I remember playing with someone who was into improvisation. And his mentality of experimentation still influences me when I practise and perform today. I’m still in touch with those I met, and all of us want to go back.

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