This August, the New Mexico city of Santa Fe will host a symposium on music and its effects on the human brain. Orchestral musicians, soloists and chamber music players will take part in the conference, entitled ‘Music, the Brain, Medicine and Wellness’, held as part of the annual Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival.

Speakers and panellists at the conference will discuss topics such as how music affects auditory perception, cognitive development, behaviour and language; the use of music in treating autism and aphasia; and why people are compelled to ‘move to the music’ due to specialised circuits in the brain.

Musicians taking part in the symposium include Arnold Steinhardt, Peter Wiley and John Dalley, all members of the Guarneri Quartet when it disbanded in 2009. Members of the New York Philharmonic, Toronto Symphony and Pittsburgh Symphony orchestras are also involved. The symposium will take place from 4 to 6 August.