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  • Tartini Sheppard Skaerved

    Peter Sheppard Skærved: Tartini


    Plenty of expressive drama in the conclusion to this ambitious project

  • Tobias Hume - Tom & Mistress Fine

    Peter Sheppard Skærved plays Tobias Hume


    Violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved plays ‘Tom & Mistress Fine’ from Tobias Hume’s The first part of Ayres for the Viole de Gamba alone published in London in 1605. Sheppard Skærved plays a c.1580 Brescian violin by an unknown maker, tuned down two tones (Eflat, Bflat, F, C). The ...

  • Henze violin and viola works

    Peter Sheppard Skærved: violin and viola works by Hans Werner Henze


    Piquant and lyrical playing of some 20th-century violin and viola works  

  • Telemann-Sheppard

    The Great Violins vol.1: Andrea Amati 1570, Telemann: 12 Fantasies for Violin; 12 Fantasies for Flute


    The Strad Issue: August 2015Description: Sheppard Skærved’s new series presents Telemann fantasias on a 1570 AmatiMusicians: Peter Sheppard Skærved (violin)Composer: TelemannPeter Sheppard Skærved revisits Telemann’s twelve violin fantasias in a new project focusing on ‘The Great Violins’. This time, though, he plays a gut-strung 1570 Andrea Amati ...

  • Henze-Skaerved

    Henze: Violin Concerto no.2, Il Vitalino raddoppiato


    The Strad Issue: July 2015Description: Clarity and conviction in Henze’s uncompromising concertante violin musicMusicians: Peter Sheppard Skærved (violin/conductor) Parnassus Ensemble/Hans Werner Henze, LongbowComposer: HenzeThis disc is the completion of a two-decade venture by Peter Sheppard Skærved to record Henze’s concertante music for violin (I reviewed the first ...

  • Henze-8.557738

    Henze: Violin Concertos nos.1 & 3*, Fünf Nachtstücke†


    The Strad Issue: January 2006Musicians: Peter Sheppard Skærved (violin) Saarbrucken Radio Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Lyndon-Gee (conductor)* Aaron Shorr (piano)† Composer: HenzeHenze’s musical gifts and socio-political ideals have always directed him towards musical individuation: even the more sprawling of his orchestral works abound in soloistic virtuosity, and his ...