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    Words of Wisdom: violist Nobuko Imai


    A positive outlook and courage are essential for a lasting career in music, as the violist shared in our March 2013 issue

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    Nobuko Imai: Life Lessons


    An encounter with her instrument’s human qualities was a turning point for the Japanese violist, who looks back over a long career

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    Nobuko Imai gives viola masterclass


    Watch your breathing as you play - breathe out as you begin your first phrase' Amsterdam Conservatory viola professor Nobuko Imai gives a masterclass at the University of Valencia. Read: The viola should sound like a human voice, says Nobuko Imai

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    The viola should sound like a human voice, says Nobuko Imai


    Innate sympathy for the instrument combined with solid training were the backdrop to Amsterdam Conservatoire professor Nobuko Imai's love-affair with the viola

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    Nobuko Imai

    Japanese violist Nobuko Imai started to learn the violin at the age of six and attended the Toho School in Tokyo at the age of 15 to study with Toshiya Eto. Here Imai took up the viola as a second instrument and developed a strong affinity with ...