We examine the 1713 ‘Boissier, Sarasate’ Stradivari violin from the maker’s ’Golden Period’ that was once owned by Spanish virtuoso Pablo Sarasate

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ANTONIO STRADIVARI ‘BOISSIER, SARASATE’ VIOLIN 1713: Roberto Jardón Rico examines one of the best-preserved of the master luthier’s instruments, formerly owned by the Spanish virtuoso Pablo Sarasate

ANALYSING THE ‘BOISSIER, SARASATE’: The Stradivari violin has recently undergone experimental modal analysis to discover how it vibrates. George Stoppani presents the results of the research

ZLATOMIR FUNG: Amanda Holloway speaks to the youngest cellist ever to win first prize at the International Tchaikovsky Competition, to find out where he goes from here

ALL-FEMALE STRING QUARTETS: In the first of two articles, Tully Potter reports on the phenomenon of female chamber musicians forming their own ensembles in the early 20th century

SESSION REPORT: British cellist Laura van der Heijden talks to Tom Stewart about her latest album with pianist Jâms Coleman, inspired by composers’ conceptions of the moon

MAUD POWELL AND SIBELIUS: The acclaimed US violinist was the first to champion the Finnish composer’s Violin Concerto in America. Karen A. Shaffer explores their friendship

In our regular sections:

IN FOCUS: A 1925 violin by Giuseppe del Lungo

TRADE SECRETS: William Szott’s method for half-edging a top plate with a router

MY SPACE: Martin Kuhn of Diessenhofen

MAKING MATTERS: How and why G.B. Ceruti restored the wood of his own instruments

MASTERCLASS: Dmitry Sitkovetsky on the first movement of Mozart’s A major Violin Concerto

TECHNIQUE: Violinist Alda Dizdari discusses different aspects of bow distribution

LIFE LESSONS: The memories and opinions of German violinist Carolin Widmann

OPINION: Why violin fingerboards should be available in different widths

POSTCARD FROM DORSET: Report from the Purbeck International Chamber Music Festival

FROM THE ARCHIVE: From January 1904

SENTIMENTAL WORK: Cellist Ophélie Gaillard talks about her love for Bloch’s Schelomo

Plus, in your January digital edition:

Read about Laura van der Heijden’s latest CD Path to the Moon, while listening to clips from repertoire by Florence Price, George Walker and Tōru Takemitsu

More photos of the highlights from this season’s London auctions, including instruments by Cristofori, ‘Jack’ Lott, Gaetano Guadagnini II and the Brothers Amati

Extra images of the Mullova Ensemble’s imaginative staging of Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht, reviewed this month

My Space: more from the Diessenhofen workshop of Swiss luthier Martin Kuhn

Life Lessons: pictures from the early career of violinist Carolin Widmann, including images of her tutors David Takeno and Ali Tas

And clips from this month’s ‘The Strad Recommends’ recordings

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