Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto graces the cover to share stories about his latest musical adventures - including making the move from bow to baton

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Pekka Kuusisto: The adventurous Finnish violinist talks to Andrew Mellor about his predilection for finding new challenges – including a recent shift to the conductor’s podium

Three 1734 Guarneris: Giacomo Fiocco reports on a recent study of a trio of ‘del Gesù’ instruments, examining everything from the varnish composition to the f-hole design

Musicians and exerciseTaking inspiration from sports science, Berenice Beverley Zammit reports on how string players can physically prepare themselves to perform more efficiently

Session Report: Violist Hélène Clément tells Carlos María Solare about her latest recording of works by two accomplished viola players: Frank Bridge and Benjamin Britten

Sartory bows: Richard Morency identifies some of Eugène Sartory’s working methods through a detailed examination of one of his middle-period bows

Elena Urioste: The multifaceted soloist has myriad strings to her violin bow. She talks with Toby Deller about everything from yoga to starting up her own festival


In our regular sections:

In Focus: Philip Brown examines a rare cello by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi from 1766

Trade Secrets: Luthier Sarah Peck presents her method for making Baroque bridges

My Space: Saarbrücken maker Martin Krause

Making Matters: How did six bow makers create a single bow in just three days in Paris?

Masterclass: Johanna Staemmler of the Armida Quartet on Mozart’s Quartet no.16

Technique: Iagoba Fanlo on practice routine

Life Lessons: With violinist Helena Rathbone

Opinion: The importance of opening up the concert experience for young people

Postcard from Belgium: A report from the cello finals of the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition

From the Archive: From August 1912

Sentimental Work: Maria Kliegel on Wilhelm Kaiser-Lindemann’s Hommage à Nelson M.

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  • View extra photos of the Stradivari violin played by Pekka Kuusisto, the c.1709 ‘Scotta’
  • Read about Hélène Clément, Alasdair Beatson and Sarah Connolly’s new recording of Britten and Bridge, along with extra photos and audio clips of the session
  • Extra photos of this month’s My Space workshop, with Saarbrücken luthier Martin Krause 
  • More images from violinist Elena Urioste’s most recent photoshoot
  • Track the journey of intrepid cellist Kenneth Wilson as he continues his 2000-mile cello odyssey from Carlisle to Rome
  • And as regular as the passage of time, clips from the three recordings this month rendered with that hallowed honorarium ‘The Strad Recommends’

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