With over 450 live sessions, the programme runs from 18 March to 1 July

National Children's Orchestra

The National Children’s Orchestra has announced that it is to launch a 2021 digital programme.

The programme runs from 18 March to 1 July, with over 600 children participating and over 450 live sessons. Among the offerings are special Easter holiday sessions with the London Symphony Orchestra, a mentoring programme with members from the National Youth Orchestra and sessions for the NCO parents with Stuart Mason and Dr Kadiatu Kanneh, the parents of the Kanneh-Mason children, reflecting the importance of creativity, child voice and wellbeing for the members.

Activities will take place online from 9-5 every Sunday of term time as well as ‘Live at 5’ sessions every Thursday and Friday with some Wednesdays, too.

The programme has 5 categories of activity: Inspiration, Let’s Create, My Instrument, Wellbeing & Pick ’n Mix. Building on the summer 2020 course, this course will also be run via a website specially created for the NCO Online Digital Programme.


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At 5pm on Thursday 1 July there will be a live stream on YouTube of the NCO Online multi-track concert ‘On The Move’ written by Ryan Linham especially for NCO with both the musical content and the visual content in mind. The live stream will also share some of the events and engagement that has happened over the 15 weeks.

Sophie Lewis, NCO’s Managing Director, and Catherine Arlidge, the orchestra’s Artist & Educational Director say: ‘We can’t wait to bring young musicians back together for this incredible journey - we have learned so much over the past year and have expanded our digital programme to include ever more ambitious levels of ensemble learning, creativity, wellbeing, fitness, socials, partnership working and FUN!’

To watch the NCOonline Summer Celebration, click below.