Almost a third of respondents see no light at the end of the tunnel regarding the Covid-19 pandemic

Flags of the EU, Germany and Berlin

Flags of the EU, Germany and Berlin

A survey of freelance musicians in Berlin has found that 29 per cent believe they have no longer have any professional prospects because of the Covid-19 pandemic, are planning a career change, or have already taken up another profession. Conducted by the Landesmusikrat Berlin, the umbrella organisation for music associations in the German capital, the survey also revealed that only 22 per cent see the future positively and do not need any support. Of the respondents, 46.6 per cent now need financial support, hoping to rebuild their professional existence this year.

’Once again, this survey shows how critical the situation of freelance musicians in Berlin is,’ said Landesmusikrat head Hella Dunger-Löper. ’Fast, non-bureaucratic help is more urgent than ever in this phase of the pandemic.’

Of the musicians participating  in the survey, 36.5 per cent said they continue to live exclusively from artistic activity; 66.6 per cent of them give music lessons, while 9.9 per cent have additional income from other activities. To date, 485 freelance musicians have completed the survey.

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Last November, the German government promised a grant package called ’Novemberhilfe’ to help self-employed people. Only a small proportion of respondents were able to benefit, with 20.1 per cent reporting no problems submitting the application. Most of the musicians refrained from applying. The reasons given by the participants included unclear regulations, fear of impending repayments, or excessive additional income.